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"You must follow to lead"

Rising Towards Success - Our Vision
Our vision is to create an environment that will enable people to achieve their dreams in the fields of cultural arts and performance. Our vision is executed by providing educational opportunities through community and neighborhood engagement. We are looking to open doors of possibility and create economic empowerment by providing education and training not only for our young adults but our children in the school system as well.
Rising Towards Success - Purpose

“You Must Follow to Lead”

Our purpose is to offer comprehensive solutions that can create personal empowerment and economic wealth development in underprivileged areas and low to medium-income households.
Rising Towards Success - Our Core Values
We are an ever-expanding network of affiliates who serve the community and foster working relationships with a variety of organizations and government agencies across the state of Virginia and elsewhere. We believe that the work we do within our community is essential to the greater good of our community.
Voluntary organizations are key players in the economy… adding to the overall economic output of the country." - Points of Light, 2019, social impact of volunteerism
An estimated 25.1 percent of US adults volunteered in 2017, contributing an estimated 8.8 billion hours. This is a 1.6 percent increase from 2016. The value of these hours is approximately $195.0 billion. - calculations based on data from US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, Volunteer Supplement (2007–16)
According to a survey conducted by The Bridgespan Group for the JPMorgan Chase, more than 200 nonprofits serving low and middle income communities identified the top four areas where they needed the most help. In addition to fundraising (61%) they listed communications and marketing (51%), program evaluation (38%), performance management (33%), technology (31%) and strategic planning (29%). Other areas for strengthening included board governance, human resource management and financial planning.
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