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Board of Directors
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"We strongly believe anyone who wants to achieve success can achieve success when presented with the opportunity."
- Monica L. Ball

Monica L. Ball is on a mission to help small businesses to become profitable and give back to the community. Trained in business management and marketing, she has over 20 years of unique experience in government, corporations, and leadership through brand management and social media marketing.  Monica will tap into her knowledge of event planning, hosing, workshops, seminars, and as a rising media personality, to ensure the job is done right. 


Enthusiastic, innovative, and resourceful are the words often described of Monica. A native of Emporia, Virginia, and a long-term resident of Richmond, VA, Monica always believed in that she was destined to do more.  Never a stranger to hard work, her early upbringing encouraged her to make continuous efforts to improve herself. In doing so, Monica received both her BA and MBA at Strayer University. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in business management at Grand Canyon University. In 2010, Monica was diagnosed with Steven Johnson Syndrome, which nearly cost her life. In 2014, still battling the effects of the illness, Monica followed her mission from GOD and retired from the US Postal Service to live her best life. 


Since 2014, Monica has been non-stop in her goals to help through empowerment, honest reflection, and entertainment; encouraging others to know your self-worth. To accomplish this, Monica founded Real Talk With Monica. Initially, a weekly radio show that appeared on WCLM 1450 AM and 105.3 FM, it has grown into a television show that can be seen in the Greater Richmond Metro Area via Comcast and also through her growing YouTube channel. Due to her overwhelming success, Monica returned to radio to host a daily morning show called: "Morning Rush With Monica" on Rejoice 101.3 FM and 990 AM, in the Greater Richmond Metro Area. With a social media presence of over 60K active monthly followers, Monica is highly sought after for business advice, personal counseling, and assistance with community advocacy. This has led Monica to build "Rising Towards Success." RTS is the culmination of Monica's divined destiny with God. Through RTS, Monica has assisted others with back-to-supplies, family workshops, and bridging the communication between local businesses and families who are in need.  With her "RVA Community Fun Day" event, which just completed its inaugural offering, Monica has risen as the preeminent community champion. 


Going forward, Monica will continue to push towards providing information to the community through her organizations, uplift and improve family dynamics, educate others about personal health, and help small businesses grow within the community. There are "doers" and there are "talkers." Before you can ask the question, Monica has already completed the job.


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Founder/Executive Director: Monica L. Ball
Secretary: Diane Jackson
Treasurer: Dawn Branch
Legal Counselor: Julie Currin, Esq.
Member: Celestine Harvey
Member: Kelly Simmons-White
Member: Dan Jacobs
Volunteer: Jackie Hunter
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