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About Us

"Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest." - Maya Angelou

Rising Towards Success, Inc. (R.T.S.), was established in 2017 by Founder/Executive Director,  Monica L. Ball. The mission of Rising Towards Success, Inc. is to enable youth and young adults in underprivileged areas and low to medium income households to study cultural arts and performance.  The organization accomplishes its mission by providing educational opportunities through community service and neighborhood engagement that emphasize cultural arts and performance. 


These opportunities will open doors of possibility and create economic empowerment by introducing and training youth and young adults in cultural arts programs such as visual arts, dance, modeling, television, radio, etc. Through comprehensive educational programs, R. T. S. can equip any individual with the necessary skills, development, information and on the job experience to enhance their vision and capabilities for successful employment in diversified fields of cultural arts and performance.

Rising Towards Success, Inc. is a designated 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Richmond, Virginia where we will serve predominantly in under-privileged areas and households of youth ranging from ages 3-17 and young adults from ages 18 and up, who seek to study cultural arts and performance. 

We operate by the philosophy that an environment with a strong framework for diversity and inclusion will bear fruit, not only in the organizational culture and bottom line, but in ongoing relationships and daily interactions.
The City of Richmond has experienced one the toughest times in recent history for our youth. In 2017, about 41% of the city’s children were living in poverty - well more than twice the poverty rate for children across the state, according to the 2018 Kids Count Data Book, a report produced by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. 
More children are living in poverty today than when Virginia was in a recession.  In Virginia, 29% of children have parents who lack adequate employment to fund any aftercare school activities.  Many children growing up in poverty are living in environments of toxic stress, meaning their bodies produce chronic stress responses that can negatively re-wire their developing brains.  Toxic stress often leads to lifelong mental and physical health issues.
Community Health Needs Assessment
Bon Secours Richmond Health System
September – December 2019
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