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Best Virtual Events: Concerts, Storytimes, and Classes To Stream from Home this Week


One thing this pandemic has really demonstrated is how resourceful people are. Parents have been banding together to share online educational resources, realistic homeschooling tips, and at home activity ideas so we can get some work done. It's actually a bit overwhelming how much information there is.

We've tried to organize some of it for you. Our event calendar is now a one-stop spot for finding the best virtual events and live streams. We're updating our Pandemic Parenting Guide daily with our own best tips for how to parent during a pandemic and, hopefully, teach kids some new skills

One highlight seems to be connecting live for virtual classes and even play dates. We're adding more options for those every day to our Poppins@Home micro-site. You can now gather friends together for a virtual LEGO play date with Snapology, learn how to bake apple crisp, or even host a virtual birthday party with live entertainment from Bubbledad!

Here are our suggestions for the best virtul events to check out this week.

Virtual Enrichment for Kids

For more suggestions, go to:

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